Dress up your outdoor entertaining area with a Safire Island Wood & Charcoal Outdoor Fireplace and BBQ.  Safire has a wide range of accessories including Pizza Oven, BBQ Grill, Wok, Paella Pan, Rotisserie, Skewer Set and Fire Door.
These Fireplaces are made from high marine grade stainless steel. Thanks to the quality materials and the contemporary design, they guarantee a long lifetime and flawless operation.
With the multiple accessories available you will enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience.
The Island Wood & Charcoal Outdoor Fireplace and BBQ’s combine the benefits of  an outdoor fireplace with an unrivaled cooking experience.  An entertainers dream with the ability to cook for your nearest and dearest or to cook a feast for all of your family and friends. All of the Island fires come with 4 castors to allow for ease of movement while at the same time allowing flexibility.
The grill is an essential accessory for all of those BBQ cooking jobs like awesome steaks and sausages.
The pizza oven is a home cooked pizza lovers dream, but also cooks baked potatoes to perfection.
The fire door is fantastic for safety, designed to catch flying sparks.