SAfire Asteroid Gas Firepit

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Introducing the SAfire Asteroid Gas Firepit: Experience the captivating beauty and modern artistry of this angular masterpiece. With rippling flames flowing from multiple burner ports, the Asteroid creates an enchanting ambiance, bringing the excitement of a 60,000 BTU outdoor firepit to your outdoor living space. Whether you use it as a focal point in your conversation area or to define your dining space, the Asteroid effortlessly adds a unique touch of fire art. Choose from endless decoration options such as white pebbles, crushed glass, or lava rock to personalize your experience. Enhance your outdoor oasis with the SAfire Asteroid Gas Firepit and enjoy the mesmerizing glow and warmth it brings.


Installing electronic remote systems for the firepit without cover, especially in coastal areas, is not recommended. Please note that water and exposure to salty environments voids the 1-year warranty. While battery packs provide a convenient option, they require replacement every 3 to 6 months. Opting for a power outlet at the firepit location is preferable for long-term convenience and reliability.

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